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The roots of East Ride back in 2000. At that time, Rolf began Stagge (HD dealer from Dresden, Chemnitz and Spremberg) and I always organize trips to the nearby East. We were driven by the vision to do something else and the thought, in reference to the favorable geographical location of Dresden, the East of Europe
to discover as a biker's paradise. In 2004 it came to a tragic accident with Veiko Kloppenburg (successor to Rolf Stagge) to a forced break.
What remained was the vision and the idea of creating an offer for those who like the East or simply want to see even once, as the other side looks like. After the EU enlargement and the pro western development in the East, are completely new for us bikers, and thus also created safer ways.
In 2006, the East has been lifted from my new Ride project was launched. Contacts and know-how were always more abundant. It was the East Ride Tours GmbH & Co. KG.
We - that is, above all Sam & Daniel Stirl Stirl in Germany and various partners in the countries of the tours.
Meanwhile, we organize tours in 2-3 large, both in the East, and in the warm south. We can offer our customers a full service. I.e. Hotel bookings, flights and transportation of the bikes into the target area and back, with the associated insurance no problem for us. We also offer club tours as well as the care of biker groups in our beautiful Saxony on.
Our program is rounded off by a bike rental.
In 2010 we bought a tractor and make appropriate special transport pallets have to expand our capacity and transport your bikes safely to the target area can be. Now we can carry 28 aircraft in one fell swoop with our trucks and bring up to 40 machines at the desired locations.
In recent years we have extended our travel areas further. We visited many countries, such as for example Russia Ukraine and Turkey, but also warmer holiday destinations such as Spain, Portugal or Greece. 2010, we visited the first time our Arab friends in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Soon it will go to Cuba and South Africa. Many more unusual destinations are still being planned and will be consequences.
Intrigued? Then Browsed a little on our side. Stay on the current and watching our news and listings.
Do you have your own plans or ideas for club tours and the like, then contact us. We also enjoy personalized tours and bike transport organized according to your wishes, no matter where it should go.



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